Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A real community

What a great class!  I really am feeling them forming a real community this week--looking out for each other and helping when needed.

Math: We learned about some important properties in math: zero property (the product of any number and 0 is 0), commutative property (3 x 6 = 6 x 3), and identity property (the product of any number and 1 is that number).  Tonight, students are asked to complete a Core Content Review sheet.  Students should continue practicing their facts every night.

Science: We read about cells and their "place" in living things.  We got to explore a virtual model of a cell online. On the science and math pages, I have added a link to the math and science books.  To log in, students should type BL in front of their username (it's a 5-digit number after the BL).  Their password is the same as their network password.

Literacy Block: This is quickly becoming my favorite part of the day.  Students built their stamina to 30 solid minutes of reading today!  Impressive!!  Today we learned about EEKK and how to use this strategy when reading to someone during Daily 5 CAFE.  We also took time to share what we wrote, if students wished to do so.  Handwriting for Tuesday is due tomorrow.